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COVID-19 Response Fund
                                                                                        Project COVID-19 Response Relief 
Pakistan is a country that is already in crisis due to conflicts, natural disasters, climate change and top of its economic instability. it is home to a large number of people in need of emergency assistance. Moreover, now we are struggling with COVID-19. Pakistani authorities today confirmed deaths from coronavirus, raising the total number of casualties in the country. Pakistan is a very poor country and people of Pakistan are not in a condition to afford this pandemic. people are being affected directly and indirectly. because many people are living on daily wages. more than 37% of people are under the line of poverty. it is a very difficult time for a nation like Pakistan to fight against a disease like COVID-19. Please send your love gifts the smallest or bigger whatever holy spirit put into your heart.   
Why we are Collecting Fund
Bright Hope Ministries created this welfare fund for the help of affected families of COVID-19 and to facilitate with mask and sanitizer, delivery food, Purchase of monthly groceries to the underprivileged families.
Since of the huge demand in the market of mask and sanitizers prices of these items are getting to high which are not in the range of poor peoples
The first phase
The first phase of this work is intended to be a rapid response to immediate needs. as following
The following areas of need will be the focus of this fund. We are working with several local community members and volunteers who are ready to provide these important safety nets to those most vulnerable members of the community.
FOOD SUPPORT: With school closings, many young people are missing out on their one meal for the day. Low wages and/or hourly workers may further struggle with access to food. This fund will be miraculous support to those families which are living hood on daily wages
HEALTHCARE:  Healthcare organizations will be both handling actual cases of the virus, but also caring for those in our most vulnerable populations. This Fund will be used to purchase and distribute Mask and sanitizer this fund will be distributed among those families’ members which are affected by COVID-19
EMERGENCY HOUSING: These service providers need to stay open and take extra measures to keep their clients safe during this difficult time.
EMERGENCY FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE:  Families and individuals may struggle with rent, mortgage, or utility assistance due to job loss or loss of wages.
SENIORS:  Seniors are among the most affected by the virus but will also have less access to needed medication and food due to social distancing strategies.
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