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Child bonded labor

End Child Labor


We feel that Brick kiln kids have miserable lives worse than other (bounded Labors) slavery. There are so many facts behind this child labor. Poverty, Illiteracy, unawareness of human rights, and the major fact is discrimination.


We need your prayers and support for the many other brick kiln children to open the school to realize them these children sense of dignity & and self-respect & giving them hope for a better future. And we need many of your helping hands in this Mission transforming life.



The organization is set up to address the acute need of the oppressed, neglected and marginalized section of society in particular to protect children's from the unjustified persecution, maltreatment, inhuman violence, harassment, hatred and religious intolerance


The vision of the bright hope ministries is to provide free education, medical, food, books, clothes as well as the scripture studies to brick kiln children’s. We are committed to enrich these children with strong moral values, good education and skills that enable them to become productive responsible citizens of our country

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