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Women's  Empowerment

  • Widows and Young Girls Project

First Phase

Providing minimal needs like food, health,


Second Phase

  • Skilled Development Project

  • Self-employment and self-help groups

  • Empowerment of Women Through

  • Employment

Sewing Training
Little girls with dreamsbecome women with vision


Bright Hope is working for Persecuted, Violated, and Poorest women in Pakistan . In the present age of lack of resources, inflation, and economic depletion, any individual, and more so a woman cannot survive a dependent. A home cannot be run without creating income resources and keep on increasing these. A woman without a skill cannot be a good tool to contribute to any field of life and can never be an earning hand. In case of widows, separation, by birth, and accidental disability, women become alienated, and some even opt for beggary or look up to the charity of relatives. In such cases, the need for empowerment becomes more intense for sustenance. Realities of life are a challenge and this challenge has to be met with positive courage and that is to be empowered in all conditions and circumstances. Bright Hope mission is to empower women in all fields of life

Bright Hope Widows support and women's empowerment program supporting those widows and women who have no skill or enough education to get a job or to do some work. Empowerment of women is not restricted to any specific class or group of women. Empowerment is the requirement of all women equally to avoid redundancy. The Widows and Young Girls support project has two phases.


       First Phase

  • Providing minimum needs food, health, sanitation

  • Personal level in relation to building:

  • Personal development in terms of finance

  • Personal contribution to what goes on in the community

  • Personal contribution to the development of the country

  • Community Leadership

  • Family’s development


       Second Phase

  • Self-confidence 

  • Skilled Development Project

  • Skills development opportunities

  • Self-employment and self-help groups

  • Empowerment of Women Through Employment

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