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Please not to forget persecuted

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ.

Peace be with you

I am requesting to all my brothers and sisters in Christ please stand with us in prayer for the persecuted Christians in Pakistan. Pray for those who are in Jails and facing fake blaspheme trails and their families are facing difficult time right now only because they are having faith on Christ.

Records confirm the extensive use of the blasphemy law to settle personal scores, to grab the victim’s property The majority of blasphemy cases are based on false accusations stemming from property issues or other personal or family vendettas rather than genuine instances of blasphemy, and they inevitably lead to mob violence against the entire community.”


There for i request you please take a minute and prayer for blasphemy victims.

Pray that persecuted Christians will understand and find peace in the sufficiency of god’s grace, even in their weaknesses.

If you want to contribute in our work or want to send your love gifts on this Christmas to persecuted christians in Pakistan just do it right now you only need to open this post properly this will get you on our website then you can send via Paypal or by Debit/Credit card. Blessings

With love and blessings

Pastor Faisal Manzoor

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